Damube Island Festival in Vienna is free of charge

200 Live Acts at Danube Island Festival for Free

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Experience over 200 live acts for free at Danube Island Festival in Vienna. Yes, you read that right. Europe’s biggest open air festival is free of charge! The selection of local and international bands and artists is enormous. You can choose between 11 stages and listen to rock, pop, alternative, indie, punk, hip hop or even cabaret and readings.

About three million visitors enjoy Danube Island Festival every year

The festival takes place every year in late June. The 4.5 km long festival area between the Nordbrücke and the Reichsbrücke on the Donauinsel lasts for three days. Each day several hundred thousand visitors flood onto the island. Over 250 food stands and gastronomy zones await customers. They take care of the visitor’s well-being and offer refreshments. Try out the delicious roasted chicken, eat some Kebap or try some fine Austrian beer. The Donauinselfest also has an extensive program for children. Whether it’s bouncy castles, a children’s carousel, or a children’s bakery – there’s plenty of entertainment for the little ones!

How to get to the Donauinselfest

It is recommended that you take public transport to get there.

Commuter train:

S1, S2, S3, S4, S7, S80 to the Handelskai station


U1 to Donauinsel station

U6 to Handelskai station

The subways run from Friday to Saturday, and from Saturday to Sunday throughout the night! So you can enjoy the Danube Island Festival to the fullest and get back home at any time.


31 to Floridsdorfer Brücke station

33 to Friedrich Engels Platz station


11A to Handelskai station

22A, 24A, 31A to Kagraner Platz station.

Please note that as with many other major events, the Danube Island festival does not allow backpacks and big bags. 700 security guards, 500 policemen and 230 paramedics provide for the safety of all festival visitors.

For detailed information on the festival, please visit their official website.

Here is an overview of free attractions that you can visit free of charge in Vienna.

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