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Adventure Playground Afritschgarten in Graz

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At the pedagogically supervised adventure playground Afritschgarten, children have plenty of space to romp and play, but also a lot of creative freedom. The children themselves determine whether they take care of the offers of the caregivers or whether they want to be on their own.

Year-round Gaming Pleasure

There is a lot to experience on the adventure playground Afritschgarten. Climbing, swinging, digging or playing ball games – children can play here during the week or work creatively. Children can develop freely here and let their own world and fantasies emerge. Children discover a lot of new things and make interesting experiences. Because the program or the adventure playground Afritschgarten has much to offer:

  • Feed and care for animals
  • Build huts
  • Make a bonfire
  • Bake bread and pizza
  • Socialize with other people
  • Works, crafts and repairs in the wood and bicycle workshop
  • Creative arts projects (painting, sculpture, pottery)
  • There’s also a cinema and a disco for the little ones
  • Play lots of board, ball and motor games
  • Camping, canoeing, cycling, climbing
  • Participate in environmental and nature projects

For more information please visit here (in German).

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