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Angel of Peace in Munich is Covered in Gold

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The Angel of Peace in Munich is a 38 meters high monument located inside the Maximiliansanlagen. It is not an angel in the Christian sense but represents the ancient goddess of victory Nike. The monument got its name by the people of Munich. It was created as a peace monument after a competition design by sculptors Heinrich Düll, Georg Pezold and Max Heilmeier. The laying of the cornerstone was in 1896. The occasion for the joint work was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the “Frankfurt Peace” after the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/1871. In the late 19th century, this victory was nationalized.

The Angel of Peace in Munich Holds a Deep Meaning

The figure of the “Angel of Peace” stands on top of a 23 meter high Corinthian column which grows out of a small temple-like structure. On the cornerstones there are portraits of the German Emperor Wilhelm I, Friedrich III. and Wilhelm II. as well as the Bavarian kings Ludwig II. and Otto I. The terrace at the foot of the pillar is framed by two staircases. In front of the terrace is a fountain.

With outstretched, raised right arm, the angel of peace strives forward on his pedestal. In his right hand it holds an olive branch. In the left hand the angel holds a palladium, an ancient statue of the martial Athena, standing on a globe. Palladion plays a major role in Greek and Roman mythology. Happiness and misfortune are closely connected. Such statuettes protect its owners from mischief. The bronze casting is by Ferdinand von Miller, the figure is gilded with 24 carat gold.
Because of imminent danger of falling, the angel was disassembled in 1981 – unfortunately improperly – which necessitated an extensive restoration of the bronze figure. Only in 1983, the figure could be set up again. 

How To Get There

The Angel of Peace in Munich can be reached by subway lines U4 and U5, station Prinzregentenplatz, or by bus line 53, stop Friedensengel.

More information can be found here.

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