babelsberg Park in Potsdam

Babelsberg Park in Potsdam is Perfect for a Day Trip

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Babelsberg Park in Potsdam is an impressive cultural landscape. The famous landscape architects Peter Joseph Lenné and Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau worked together on the design. The well-known master builder Karl Friedrich Schinkel in turn was responsible for some of the historic buildings, such as the castle. The park extends over several hills. It is dominated by the Flatow Tower, which was built in the mid-19th century. From the park you have a beautiful view of the Schlosspark Glienicke and the Glienicke Bridge. The bridge became known to a wider audience through the exchange of western and eastern spies during the Cold War.

There are many reasons that make an excursion to the Babelsberg park in Potsdam worthwile. The park is home to many different tree species. You can also explore two castles and a few monuments. The castle also houses a café. You can follow the path leading along the Tiefer See (literally “Deep lake”), which merges into the Havel river. The trail along the shore is also part of the Berlin Wall Trail. Because on the other side of the Havel begins the urban area of ​​Berlin. You can also visit the neo-Gothic machine house. It once helped to irrigate the park. It used to house the most modern steam engine technology. 

Take a water taxi to Babelsberg Park in Potsdam

Coming from Berlin, you can take the commuter train to Potsdam Central Station. From there you can reach the park via ship. The ships of the company “Potsdamer Wassertaxi” sail five times a day. The trip costs a few Euros per person. Try to catch one of the two ships in the morning. The park opens from 8 am until dusk. It has so much to offer that you can spend a whole day there.

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