Beautiful baroque design Belvedere Garden fountain

Baroque Opulence at Belvedere Garden in Vienna

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Experience beautiful baroque garden design with great variety at the Belvedere garden in Vienna. In the Belvedere Garden the Kammergarten, Alpengarten and Gastgarten offer three different ambiances. Prinz Eugen’s former private garden  – the Kammergarten – is characterized by flower-decked pavilions and fountains. This garden area is divided into two terraces. It was once bounded on one side by the orangery originally equipped with a removable roof and a façade, and on the other by an aviary. There were many stylish pavilions and fountains here. Today, after completion of the revitalization works, the Kammergarten flourishes magnificently in the warm season and invites visitors for a peaceful, leisurely stroll. The Alpine garden is the oldest alpine garden in Europe. It teaches us about a variety of Austrian alpine plants. After visiting the museum in the Belvedere you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a classic Viennese pastry in the garden.

The Garden of Versailles served as a model for the Belvedere Garden in Vienna.

Designed plants, sculptures and water features are very similar to the French castle garden. At the time of the Baroque, symmetry was a factor of particular importance: starting from the Lower Belvedere, the Baroque garden composition develops along a central central axis to the representative Upper Belvedere. Prince Eugen chose a piece of land for his residence, which was then outside the city of Vienna. He found it ideal because of the combination of slope and plain. Thus, it met three basic ideas of baroque horticultural theory: the width of the view, the pleasant backdrop and a natural perspective. Because of its beautiful view, the Belvedere Palace also got its name. The word comes from the Italian and means “lookout point” or “beautiful sight”.

Park opening times

The opening times to the garden Belvedere are at 6.30 h or 7.00 h.

1st April – 31st October: 6.30 h
1st November – 31st March: 7.00 h

The closing times are different and adapt to the seasons. In winter, the garden is open to a maximum of 17.30 h, and in the summer you can stay until 21.00 h latest in the garden. 

Right next to Belvedere Garden is the Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna. You can also visit it for free!

For further information, please visit their website.

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