Carmelite Church in Linz street view

Baroque Carmelite Church in Linz

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The Roman Catholic Carmelite Church in Linz is small but beautiful. The baroque sanctuary is worth a visit! Located in the heart of the city, the church was built from 1690 to 1726 on the foundation of an older church. Stucco work by Italian artists decorate this magnificent building. Placed on the sides of the main portal there are figures of St. Theresa and St. John. The main entrance is crowned by a colossal figure of St. Joseph. Among the church’s most precious pieces are the imposing high altarpiece and the richly decorated pulpit from the 18th century. In summer, the church is the venue for several concerts.

Below the Carmelite Church in Linz is a crypt. It became a burial place for the founders of the church. During World War II. the local population used the crypt as an air raid shelter because the city of Linz was heavily targeted due to its industry. Parts of the crypt were expanded or modified to withstand bombings. As a result, many bones of the founders disappeared. In 2000, the renovation of the crypt started. The modifications from the Nazi era were removed and rooms created for religious and cultural encounters. Thus, a worthy resting place for the remains of the founders was restored.


Landstrasse 33
4020 Linz

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