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Burgkircherl Castle Church Gossam

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The Burgkircherl Gossam is a small castle church built around 1100 as part of a large castle complex in the Wachau Valley. Until the beginning of the 15th century the church was constantly enlarged due to the many pilgrims visiting this place. In the course of the Reformation from the middle of the 16th century until the 17th century the castle church Gossam church lost its (pilgrimage) function and partial decay began. Today, only remains of the medieval castle are present.

Legends and Unbaptized Children

For many, the castle church Gossam is a mystical, almost enchanted place. There are stories that witches burns took place here. Another legend tells about a hanged girl that was found in the church tower. Her wailing is still to be heard. If there were indeed such excesses and derailments of humanity in this place, then it should only be entered with true devotion. Because churches were mostly burial places.

And indeed, during the excavations for the exploration of the castle in narrow crevices, the bones of 31 so-called “unhappy children” were found. These illegitimate or unbaptized children who died shortly before or after birth were not allowed to be buried in a cemetery. Therefore people buried them along the church wall, so that the rainwater running down from the roof baptized them and thus enabled them to go to heaven. 

Easily Accessible

Today, the castle church Gossam is connected via the so-called donkey trail to a network of hiking trails. Thus, it is accessible to a wider public. But there is also the possibility to reach the place by car directly. Vehicles can be parked in a parking lot directly below the facility. Today, the area is used as a resort, but can also be rented for special events.

More information about the castle church. (German)

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