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Castle Ruin Gösting Graz Offers a Fantastic View

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At Castle Ruin Gösting in the north of Graz hikers can expect beautiful views of the landscape and the city as well as a rustic castle tavern. Especially recommended is a hike to the castle ruins Gösting in late autumn. Here the forest shows its most magnificent colors! Hiking up the hill takes about 30 minutes. The first part of the way is on an asphalt road, the last part on a gravel road. The ascent to the ruins Gösting is consistently steep, in places very steep. That’s why the way is probably not suitable for older people and families with baby carriages. Before you reach the castle ruin Göstling you can turn right to the Jungfernsprung.

The sad virgin

According to a legend, the unfortunate Anna von Gösting plunged from the Jungfernsprung – literally “virgin jump” – into the depths because of love sickness. From here you have a good view of Graz in the south and the valley before Graz in the north, through which the highway and the train route leads.

Back on the trail you can reach the castle ruins Gösting a few minutes later. Climb the keep to enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of Graz and the surrounding area. The panoramic view also gives a good impression of how strategically well the castle was located. Built in the 11th century, the small castle was turned into a fortress to protect against the threat of the Hungarians and Turks. It was also part of the Kreidfeuer warning system, which warned the population against threats.

Gastronomy at the castle ruin Gösting – The castle tavern

In the guest garden of the castle’s tavern hikers have an excellent view of Graz and the Schloßberg in Graz. The kitchen serves hot food such as Frankfurter or Krainer sausage, toast or cold dishes such as sandwiches and the like. Most of the food is fresh.

How to get to  Castle ruin Gösting

The bus lines 40 and 85 go to the terminus Gösting at the foot of the castle ruins. By car you have to park in the side streets of the surrounding area. By bike you reach the entrance to the ruin on the bike path R2, which leads from the Kunsthaus on the west bank of the Mur north to Schlossplatz in Gösting or the R31, from Schlossplatz west along the Thalstraße to the Thalersee.

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