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Built in 1906, the Hackesche Höfe in Berlin became an integral part of urban life. Until the Second World War, the courts were firmly linked to the life and work of the Jewish community. The larger public forgot about them after the war. In the GDR, the Hackesche Höfe had been neglected for decades and parts of the buildings were damaged or destroyed. Luckily, the tenants around 1950 succeeded in preventing the complete destruction of the facades in the first courtyard – an important prerequisite for the later monument-appropriate renovation.

Shops, Cafes and a Cinema

It was not until 1990, after the unification of Germany, that artists rediscovered the courtyards and breathed new life into them. Today, you can find a cinema there, as well as several fashion shops, numerous studios and cafes. What should not be ignored during a visit, however, is the fact that the courtyards are also a place of residence.

The Hackesche Höfe have become increasingly popular in recent years. As part of the redevelopment in the mid-90s, the courtyards experienced a renaissance of their original concept of mixed use by art, culture, housing, commerce and gastronomy. There is much to discover in the eight courtyards.

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