church of peace potsdam

Church of Peace Potsdam

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The Peace Church in Potsdam is located in Sanssouci Park. It was built in 1845 on behalf of King Frederick William IV as a court and parish church. The 42 meter high freestanding bell tower on the south side is modeled on the Campanile of Santa Maria di Cosmedin in Rome. While the Peace Church is kept relatively simple from the outside, it is home to particularly valuable equipment. Particularely noteworthy is the mosaic. It was originally created in the 12th century and comes from a church near Venice. Before the demolition of the church, it was bought by the Prussian monarch and brought to Potsdam. 

Under two marble tablets, which were embedded in the ground, is the royal tomb. Frederick William IV died after several strokes on January 2, 1861. After the inauguration of the tomb in October 1864, his sarcophagus was placed there. However, the king’s heart rests in the mausoleum of Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin.

Impressive courtyard and mausoleum

The Church of Peace in Potsdam has a courtyard. The larger than life statue of Christ on the fountain is a copy of the marble original, created in 1821 by Bertel Thorvaldsen and located in the Copenhagen Frauenkirche. The ancient Greek inscription on the well edge says: “Purify yourself of sins and not only your face.” An arcade surrounds the courtyard. Right behind the church is the Kaiser Friedrich Mausoleum. It is the last resting place of Emperor Frederick III. and his wife Victoria. The artificially created peace pond and the masterfully designed Marlygarten by LennĂ© give the building ensemble a graceful environment. Each year, tens of thousands of people from all over the world come to visit the church and mausoleum. The Peace Church in Potsdam is also a very popular place for weddings and baptisms.

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