City Hall Munich Glockenspiel

City Hall Munich Glockenspiel

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City Hall Munich Glockenspiel is a must-visit for every tourist and a popular landmark in Bavaria’s capital. Every day at 11 am a crowd forms in front of the New Town Hall to gaze at the moves of the Glockenspiel’s 32 life-size figures. On two floors, the painted figures made of copper sheet represent scenes from the history of the city. The upper part is reminiscent of the tournament, which was held on the occasion of the marriage of the future Duke Wilhelm V of Bavaria with Renata of Lorraine in February 1568 on the Marienplatz. The celebrations lasted over two weeks and included a variety of fun, from sleigh rides and fireworks to theatrical performances.

A folklore event is dedicated to the lower level: here the figures perform the famous Schäfflertanz. The traditional dance with the green-leafed tires was coined by the Münchner Fassmacher-Zunft and has been documented since 1702. Every seven years, this old carnival custom is publicly revived.

City Hall Munich Glockenspiel has 43 Bells and Plays for 12 Minutes

The popular bell and figure game lasts about twelve minutes. First, the knights come into action, then the Schäffler dance until the cock finishes the spectacle by crows three times. The sounds are generated by 43 bells, some weighing tons, suspended from the belfry below the spire. Thanks to six different play rollers, which are changed every month. The repertoire includes more than 20 tunes: from “Aberheit is kalt”, the traditional song of the Munich Schäffler, in January over Loreley and Bierwalzer to “O Tannenbaum” in December. Every day at 9 pm the night watchman’s call comes from Richard Wagner’s “Meistersinger von Nürnberg”. The “lullaby” by Johannes Brahms lets the Münchner Kindl sleep.

You can experience the bell and figure play at the New Town Hall every day at 11 and 12 am, from March to October additionally at 5 and 9 pm.

More information can be found here (in German).

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