Dehnepark in Vienna 14th district

Dehnepark in Vienna is a Beautiful Destination

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Hiking trails, a forest playground and lawns make the Dehnepark in Vienna a wonderful recreational area for the whole family. Here, visitors will find a dreamy pond, enchanting forest clearings, gentle to steep hills and a meadow with fruit trees. The 5-hectare Dehnepark stretches in Vienna’s 14th district Penzing between Dehnegasse, Rosentalgasse and Heschweg. It is easily accessible by public transport. The park is a part of the Vienna Forest and is considered unique due to its old trees and its habitat.

The Dehnepark in Vienna was created in 1791 for the princess Maria Antoine Paar. Since 1973, families find spacious meadows, a playground and plenty of places for having a picnic.  In a large clearing not far from the entrance is the playground. The play equipment includes a swing, slide, sandbox and wooden seesaw. Especially the turning ring is very popular with children. At the forest playground in Dehnepark it is quite shady due to the many deciduous trees. Thus, it is a perfect destination on a hot summer day. The majority of the original parking elements that adorned the grounds are no longer there. Today you can still see the neo-gothic ruin villa from the late 18th century.

The park is crossed by the Rosenbach, where every spring a toad migration takes place. The center of the Dehnepark is formed by the artificially dammed pond and the large meadow underneath, which has been enlarged by the recent curvature of the Rosenbach stream. The pond is an important habitat for the local red-eared slider turtle. Of great ecological importance are also some swamp-like habitats.

Note: In winter, the Dehnepark is a very good place for playing snow sledge.

For more information please visit here (in German).

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