Donaupark in Linz

Donaupark in Linz – Go for a Walk Along the Danube

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The Donaupark in Linz , popularly known as the ‘Donaulände’, is a public park located at the southern bank of the Danube. It serves as a recreational park and also as a venue for cultural events, such as the Linz Klangwolke and the Linzfest. In addition, the Donaupark in Linz is a popular meeting place for Linz’s youth – especially in the warm seasons.

The Donaupark in Linz is a Hotspot for Culture

The park is also home to the Art Museum Lentos. It opened in 2003 and shines in different colors at night. Here you can also find the concert venue Brucknerhaus which opened in 1973. The Donaupark, the Art Museum Lentos, the Brucknerhaus, as well as the Danube and the nearby Danube bridges are an essential part of the silhouette of the city center of Linz.

Impressive Sculptures at forum metal

The forum metal was an exhibition of sculptures by national and international artists at the Donaupark in Linz in 1977. Twelve large sculptures by artists from seven nations were set up at the Donaulände and in the park area of the Brucknerhaus.  They were supplemented with other works over the course of time.

The intention of the metal Forum was to combine art and business.  This cooperation plays a significant role. Because the city of Linz is both an industrial location as well as a rising art city. Artists of international rank were invited to create large-format sculptures. Among them were Max Bill, Bernhard Luginbühl, Piotr Kowalski, and Donald Judd.

All works were specially designed for Linz and manufactured by Austrian companies. At the beginning, an exhibition with a minimum period of two years was planned. However, it has since become a permanent loan from the respective artists.

More info about the Donaupark. (German)

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