English Garden in Munich

Drink Beer and Watch Surfers in English Garden in Munich

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For over 225 years, the wonderful English Garden in Munich has been THE city’s recreational area for locals and tourists alike. Especially in the summer months, visitors cavort in the beer garden at the Chinese Tower or enjoy the unique view from the Monopteros, a Greek styled temple. Whether for a leisurely picnic, a beer after work in the sun or play football in the meadows – in good weather, half of Munich is in the English Garden.

Beer gardens in the English Garden in Munich

With around 7,000 seats, the beer garden at the Chinese Tower is one of the largest in Munich. From the afternoons typical Bavarian brass music plays here, until the evening hours the guests make themselves comfortable at the tower and under the trees. There are several other places where you can enjoy some great Bavarian beer. In the northern part of the park you can find the beer garden Hirschau with 2500 seats. If you take a small bike tour through the English Garden, the beer garden Aumeister is another ideal destination. Those who do not want to cycle quite so far can stop in the beer garden of the Mini-Hofbräuhaus.

You can even surf in the middle of the capital of Bavaria! Every season, onlookers stand on the bridge of the Prinzregentenstraße and watch the surfers on the Eisbach. Only professionals are allowed to ride on the wave, because the low water level makes surfing for beginners extremely dangerous.

Strolling in the English Garden

Especially popular is an extended walk from the mini-Hofbräuhaus to the Isar and from there to the dam Oberföhring. Here’s a tip for lovers: In the northern part you can stroll along the Oberstjägermeisterbach to the so-called “Schwammerlweiher” with a small island. It’s one of the most romantic spots in the English Garden in Munich.

The English Garden has been constantly changing over the last two centuries. Again and again new green spaces and buildings were added. The foundation stone of the English Garden dates back to 1789. Elector Karl Theodor gave the order to build a public park on the river Isar. This should serve above all the army for recovery. From 1792 the park was made freely accessible to all citizens of Munich.

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