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Esterházy Castle Park in Eisenstadt is a Jewel

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Take a walk through Esterházy castle park in Eisenstadt and experience a historic place with a special and relaxing charm. Like the golirous Esterházy castle, the facilities and other historic buildings in the park are well maintained. The park is a lavishly designed, attractive landscape garden from the 19th century. It covers an area of ​​almost 50 hectare, which extends from the northern edge of the city far up the Leithaberg.

There are four ponds in the park (Leopoldinenteich, Obeliskteich, Herzerlteich, Maschinenteich) and areas overgrown with numerous exotic plants. Parts of the park are densely wooded areas. There is also a chestnut-line avenue whose strictly geometrical layout is a fragment of an old Rococo garden.

Esterházy castle park in Eisenstadt is home to the first steam engine in the Habsburg empire

You can also visit the Leopoldinenempel which houses a copy of the statue “Principessa Leopoldina Esterházy”. There is also the Maschinenhaus which is the site of the first Watt steam engine in the former Habsburg empire. The task of the machine was to maintain the water cycle in the park. It pumped up water from the Maschinenteich to the Obeliskteich. From there the water sought its way back through an elaborate system of pipes and ran through the waterfall next to the Leopoldinentempel.

Inside the Maschinenhaus you will also find a cafeteria, where you can enjoy some delicious Austrian pastries. From the 16th century onwards, it became fashionable among European nobility to decorate the garden with exotic plants. To house these plants during the cold season the owners of the castle built an Orangery with a Palm House and several other greenhouses are that still preserved. In the past there existed many more greenhouses that were part of a important complex. But sadly, they don’t exist any more. Last but not least there is also a 26 m tall Obelisk and the Gloriette to admire.

The Esterházy castle park in Eisenstadt is also home to a public bath including water slides and a diving platform. However, please note that the entrance to the public bath is subject to a fee.

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