Ferdinandswarte offers a wonderful view over the Wachau valley

Ferdinandswarte in the Wachau Valley

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The Ferdinandswarte in the Wachau is frequented by many visitors every year, as this viewpoint offers a very scenic view. At an altitude of 370 m above sea level, the pavilion-like wooden structure is located on top of a steep drop. Possibly this place served as a direct line of sight between two ancient Roman fortifications in the area. Through use of fire and smoke signs it allowed the fastest possible communication. On the occasion of a hunt, Austrian Archduke Ferdinand discovered this place with the wonderful view. In 1890 the adjoining communities erected the lookout tower in his honor. In 1891 it was named “Archduke Ferdinandwarte”. From here you have a view of the Wachau from Rossatz to Dürnstein and Loiben to Stein, Krems, Mautern and the monastery Göttweig.

How to get to the Ferdinandswarte in the Wachau valley

There are two ways that lead to the outlook tower.

1st variant: On the right bank of the Danube about 500 m before the village Hundsheim (municipality of Mautern) is a narrow climb, which requires a bit of fitness. Follow it for about 1/2 hour until you reach the lookout point. Signs will show you the right way. Parking is located on the left side of the road, where there is also a rest stop.

2nd way: The tower is also accessible on foot in about 30 minutes from the church square in Unterbergern. This way is much easier to walk. Follow the signs through fields, meadows and oak forest.

Some more information about the Ferdinandwarte (German).

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