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Flower Gardens Hirschstetten in Vienna

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The Flower Gardens Hirschstetten offer various free attractions like a palm house, show gardens and several zoological areas with wildcats, goats or turtles. Founded in 1860 the flower gardens belong to the city of Vienna. Here the city grows various plants for use in parks and other green spaces. Green city areas contribute greatly to the quality of life in a conglomeration. The Viennese cityscape is decisively influenced by the balanced floral decoration in every season.

Visit different areas at the flower gardens Hirschstetten

Among the places you can visit there are amphibian and reptile terrariums, a Bamboo garden, a 900 m long maze and a nature trail. The so-called Florarium covers an area of ​​60.000 squaremeters. It houses numerous theme gardens with both native and plants from other regions such as palm trees, citrus trees and many more. In recent years, new theme gardens have been added. They show very different ways of gardening and nature conservation like a Mexican an Indian or a primeval garden. At Hirschstetten Zoo, special attention is paid to the preservation and protection of endangered species. Here you can meet more than 50 different species on a total area of six hectares.

Overall, Europe’s most modern urban nursery for plants covers an area of more than 18 hectares with several cultural houses and glasshouses. There are also some stables housing waterfowl from the Vienna parks (flamingos, pelicans, herons, storks, swans and ducks) when it’s winter. 

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Quadenstraße 15
1220 Wien 

For more information please visit here (in German).

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