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Meet the Devil at Frauenkirche in Munich

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The Frauenkirche in Munich’s Old Town or Cathedral of Our Lady is one of the landmarks of the Bavarian state capital. The three-aisled Late Gothic brick building is truly enormous. It is 109 m long and 40 m wide, the masonry of the nave about 37 m high. The two towers have a height of about 100 meters. Since the city council does not permit buildings with a height of more than 100 meters in the city’s center, no higher buildings may be built in this part of the city. Thus, the Frauenkirche in Munich is visible from afar. The south tower can be climbed from April to October and allows a great view of Bavaria’s largest city.

The Legend of the Devil’s Footprint in the Frauenkirche in Munich

According to a legend, the black footprint in the entrance hall is from the devil himself. As the legend goes, the builder Jörg Ganghofer made a pact with the devil. For his help with building the Frauenkirche he promised the devil the soul of the first man who entered the church after completion. When the devil demanded his pay on the day of the inauguration, the builder claimed that the devil had not completed the construction correctly because there were no windows in the entire church. In fact, the columns concealed the view of the windows from the place where the devil stood. The devil stamped his foot on the ground in rage, leaving the mark behind. It is said that his enraged howls still can be heard as the wind’s noise in the church today.

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