Free Beach at Mondsee Lake

Find the Perfect Free Beach at Mondsee

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Visit a free beach at Mondsee in Upper Austria and enjoy this magnificent lake in the middle of the Austrian Alps. The Mondsee (literally meaning “moon lake”) is the warmest among the local lakes of the Salzkammergut. Its water has almost drinking water quality. At Mondsee there is something for families as well as action lovers and those seeking relaxation.

Finding a free beach at Mondsee is easy. There are various public bathing spots around the lake that invite you to spend an afternoon. All have parking as well as a buffet and sanitary facilities:

Bathing place Schwarzindien – Schwarzindien, 5310 St. Lorenz

Bathing place LoibichlLoibichl, 5311 Innerschwand am Mondsee

Bathing place Plomberg – Plomberg, 5310 St. Lorenz

You can bring your own food to these public bathing spots. Due to the warm weather, light meals such as fruit and salads are recommended. Hazelnuts and sunflower seeds are also good snacks, as their ingredients protect against premature skin aging by the sun’s rays. Men’s rounds always like to pack a few beers. Especially in summer proper skin protection is important for all generations: Experts recommend avoiding the blazing midday sun between 11am and 3pm and apply enough sunscreen. If you haven’t brought your own food you can eat lunch or dinner at the shores of the lake. There are plenty of restaurants and you should try some of the local fish like trout or carp or esox.

Visit the town of Mondsee

Around the lake you will find several magnificent little villages. At the Mondsee there’s is also the market town of the same name. A nice walk leads from the quay along the Lindenallee to the market square and the wonderful basilica. In case this church seems familiar to you, here’s why: The basilica is the famous wedding church from the film “The Sound of Music”. The two 52 m high towers are striking and beautiful. The gothic roof structure and the rich baroque interior welcome the visitor. The Baroque artist Meinrad Guggenbichler, the “Sculptor at Mondsee” (1649 – 1723) lived in Mondsee for 44 years. After all, seven altars were created by his hand in the basilica.

For information on how to get there, please visit their official tourism website.

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