amazing 25 free things to do in vienna austria

26 Free Things to do in Vienna

Check out these 26 free things to do in Vienna. Visit museums, relax in Vienna’s beautiful parks or watch live performances on a world-class level.

St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna is a must see

1. St. Stephen’s Cathedral

This world-famous building and cultural heritag is home to innumerable historically and architecturally valuable objects. Its abundance of figural equipment makes St. Stephen’s Cathedral an artistic ensemble of the highest European level. Make sure to check out the wonderful paintings, altars, towers, and pillars.

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City hall vienna tour free

2. City Hall Vienna

The City Hall of Vienna is the most important non-church building in Vienna in the Gothic Revival style. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm it offers free tours. High quality audio guides are available for free in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

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Enjoy 80 vienna opera free performances

3. Vienna Opera

Experience an unforgettable evening and visit one of the 80 Vienna opera free performances. The open air events take place at the Karajan square in front of the opera where a giant 50m² LED video wall broadcasts performances live.

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Mozart's Grave at St. Marx cemetery

4. Mozart’s Grave

Creepy and mysterious – Mozart’s Grave in Vienna lies in the middle of overgrown tombs, mossy slabs, thick hedges and old trees. The cemetery of St. Marx is one of the most important cemeteries in the world. Hundreds of important personalities – artists, scientists, politicians and other celebrities – found their last rest here from 1784 to 1878. 

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A list of 24 famous graves in Vienna Cemetery

5. Vienna Central Cemetery

Vienna central cemetery is the most important cemetery in the city. Here you will find 24 famous graves  including the resting places of Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Strauss. They are only a few of more than 300.000 graves on an area of 2.5 million square metres.

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watch art for free at MUSA Vienna museum

6. MUSA Vienna

Watch contemporary art for free at the MUSA Vienna museum! It offers an exciting cross-section of Viennese art development in recent decades. Foundet in 1951, the MUSA presents the largest collection of its kind in Austria.

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Money Museum Vienna Goldcoin 100.000 Euros Viennese Philharmonic

7. Money Museum Vienna

The Money Museum teaches its visitors about the development of finance – from the beginning to the present day. It is also home of the largest gold coin in Europe worth 100.000 Euros. 

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waste burning powerplant next to wien energie erlebniswelt vienna

8. Energy World Spittelau

In the Wien Energie Erlebniswelt a unique learning adventure awaits both adults and children.  Learn fascinating facts about energy and how important a conscious use of energy is. Also, this is right next to what is probably the world’s most beautiful looking waste incineration plant…

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free tours at the firefighting museum vienna

9. Firefighting Museum Vienna

The headquarters of the Viennese professional fire brigade offers free tours at the firefighting museum Vienna. Founded in 1685, it is the oldest professional fire brigade in the world. The museum shows the development from the medieval firefighters with their wooden box syringes to today’s emergency personnel with modern high-tech equipment. 

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Bazaar Experience at Naschmarkt in Vienna

10. Naschmarkt Vienna

People say about the Naschmarkt in Vienna that what you cannot buy here, you actually don’t need. The Naschmarkt exists since 1774 and is the largest market in Vienna. Here you will find about 170 stalls and shops, as well as some restaurants. 

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Swimming in the old Danube in Vienna

11. Old Danube

 The Old Danube in Vienna is a unique recreational area and an insider tip worth exploring. Rent a boat and go exploring or learn to sail!  In addition to public baths there are also numerous free bathing facilities available.

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Beautiful baroque design Belvedere Garden fountain

12. Baroque Garden at Belvedere Palace

Experience beautiful baroque garden design with great variety at the Belvedere garden in Vienna. Designed plants, sculptures and water features are very similar to the French castle garden in Versailles. It flourishes magnificently in the warm season and invites visitors for a peaceful, leisurely stroll.

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Botanical Garden University Vienna

13. Botanical Garden of University of Vienna

See rare plants and enjoy a green Oasis at the Botanical Garden of University of Vienna. Established in 1754 by Empress Maria Theresia the garden is accessible year-round free of charge. The garden is accessible year-round free of charge.

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Schonbrunn gardens free Gloriette

14. Schönbrunn Gardens

The Schönbrunn gardens free entrance allows you to visit one of world’s most beautiful baroque recreation areas without paying a single Euro. Together with the Schönbrunn Palace the park is in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO. The imperial family used this area as a summer residence to escape the heat of the city.

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free water playground for children

15. Water Playground on Danube Island Vienna

This fun water playground in vienna is located on the Danube Island. It is the perfect place for children to expereince water in all its forms. On almost 5,000 square meters they can build bays or dams with mud or build up streams.

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Paulinenwarte in Türkenschanzpark in Vienna

16. Türkenschanzpark Vienna

The Türkenschanzpark is one of the most beautiful parks in Vienna and home to numerous rare plants from all over the world. Since 1888 the people of Vienna enjoy coming here to admire rare flowers, trees, ponds, fountains and even a small waterfall. In the middle of the Türkenschanzpark is the 23 m high Paulinen tower, which is considered a landmark of the park.

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Deer in Lainzer Tiergarten in Vienna

17. Lainzer Tiergarten

This free zoo offers plenty of family-friendly destinations. Here you can see deer, moufflons and  wild boars. Apart from the free zoo make sure to check out the forest trails. They make up a vast network of paths, rest stops and various viewpoints.

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Hermannskogel Vienna hiking path

18. Vienna Hiking Path to Hermannskogel

The Vienna hiking path to the Hermannskogel will lead you to one of Vienna’s most beautiful viewpoints. On the way there are also inns (with a petting zoo) and churches which makes this tour perfect for children.

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fFlower Gardens Hirschstetten with zoo

19. Flower Gardens Hirschstetten

The Flower Gardens Hirschstetten offer various free attractions like a palm house, show gardens and several zoological areas with wildcats, goats or turtles. 

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Dehnepark in Vienna 14th district

20. Dehnepark Vienna

Hiking trails, a forest playground and lawns make the Dehnepark in Vienna a wonderful recreational area for the whole family. Here, visitors will find a dreamy pond, enchanting forest clearings, gentle to steep hills and a meadow with fruit trees.

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watch deer and have a picknick at Pötzleinsdorfer Castle Park

21. Pötzleinsdorfer Castle Park

There is hardly a more diversified and beautiful park in Vienna for the whole family than the Pötzleinsdorfer Schlosspark. Thus, the Pötzleinsdorfer Castle Park in Vienna is the perfect spot for a family excursion. 

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enjoy free performances at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

22. Free Performances at University of Music Vienna

Enjoy free performances by music students who will be the stars of tomorrow at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. This university is one of the world’s largest and most renowned specializing in performing arts of music, theater and film.

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Damube Island Festival in Vienna is free of charge

23. Danube Island Festival

Experience over 200 live acts for free at Danube Island Festival in Vienna which is Europe’s biggest open air festival. You can choose between 11 stages and listen to rock, pop, alternative, indie, punk, hip hop or even cabaret and readings.

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24. Film Festival Vienna

Visit the Film Festival Vienna to watch recordings of musical performances and listen to live music events for free. Every year in summer the festival attracts hundreds of thousands of people to the open-air cinema in front of the city hall.

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Vienna open air cinema free of charge

25. Vienna Open Air Cinema

Grab a cold beer and watch 100s of movies for free at the Vienna open air cinema. Throughout the city numerous films are screened in summer. The various open air cinemas show everything from blockbusters to alternative programs. 

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