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The guided Gassan Diamonds Tour is nice and free introduction to the world of diamonds and a good choice to spend some time in rainy weather. Don’t expect too much from  this tour, though.

After you joined a group, you will learn about the formation of diamonds and where they are found. Then you will be lead through the the manufacturing areas. This is probably the most interesting part of the tour. Here you can see how rough, uncut diamonds are processed into the final product. Diamond grinders show off their skills and will answer your questions. Talking to them is very informative and will give you insights into the profession a of diamond polisher.

Next, the tour will take you to a showroom, where diamonds of different colors, clarity, cuts and thus quality levels are shown. You will learn about the quality characteristics of a diamond and the price development depending on a precious stone’s quality. Afterwards, the staff will show you jewelry and watches, which you can buy on the spot. The way to the exit leads past the Rolex exhibition and through the jewelry shop.

You Don’t Have To Buy Anything

Please note that the Gassan Diamonds Tour is offered with the intent to sell you jewelry. Gassan’s staff are trained to sell you their products but at no point of the tour you are pressured into purchasing anything. You can just leave the factory after the short tour ends. 

If you have time and nothing better to do in Amsterdam because the weather is bad you can cosigner joining this tour. However, you do not miss much if decide not to join. Ultimately, the Gassan Diamonds Tour will not teach you anything that you could not experience at any good jeweler.

For more information and to book a tour, please visit here.

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