geology trail at lake toplitz and grundlsee

Geology Trail at Lake Toplitz and Grundlsee

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The geology trail at Lake Toplitz and Grundlsee is a unique experience that leads you through a wonderful and mysterious landscape. This is a perfect free activity for the whole family. In the course of 34 stations you will take a geological journey and learn about the origins of the Salzkammergut. It all began with the deposition of limestones and dolomites in a tropical sea – millions of years ago.

Impressive Mountains and Hidden Lakes

The starting point is at the Seehotel Seeklause in Mosern. Follow the path along the lake to the district Gössl. From here, take a stroll along the 180 m vertical Gösslerwand. A climbing garden has been set up in this limestone cliff. The 6 km long hike through this magnificent landscape takes you along Grundlsee and Lake Toplitz. Walking along the hiking trail is very easy even when you bring a stroller. You will be impressed not only by the legendary Toplitzsee, but also by the high cliffs, impressive mountains and the waterfalls. The whole trip will take you approximately 2.5 hours.

Walk or Take a Boat

On the geology trail at Lake Toplitz and Grundlsee you will learn about various topics like the formation of the so called “dead mountains”. But also extraordinary terrain phenomena such as glacier mills, disappeared torrents or the Karst springs are covered by the 34 stations of the trail.

On the way, several restaurants invite you to stop. For example, the Gasthof Rostiger Anker (“rusty anchor”) or the Fischerhüttn (“fisherman’s hut”) at Lake Toplitz. On the way back, you can take a seat in the motor ship at the Rostiger Anker and enjoy the last few kilometers on a leisurely boat trip on the Grundlsee.

Here is more information (in German).

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