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Marvelous Getreidegasse in Salzburg

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The Getreidegasse in the old town Salzburg is a famous historic street. It houses, among other things, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.The tall narrow rows of houses with numerous wrought-iron guild signs above the old shops and the many-sided passages and courtyards offer many opportunities for picture taking. 

The Getreidegasse was part of an important traffic route in Roman times. It formed the main route through the city in the direction of Bavaria. The old houses of the alley are often adorned with dates, the eye of God or the names of former inhabitants. On some houses there are still beams to which hoists were formerly attached, lifting loads from and to the storerooms.

Unique Way of Waste Disposal

In the 14th many large trading houses settled in the Getreidegasse in Salzburg. City councilors, archiepiscopal officials, magistrates and judges also lived here. Thus, the Getreidegasse became the economic center for fine craftsmen, breweries and restaurants, surgeons and pharmacists. A special feature was the cleaning of the area around the Getreidegasse dar. Every Saturday and on the eve of holidays, it was flooded by the dammed Alm channel. All the waste was flushed into the Salzach river.  

Visit the Famous Durchhäuser

Characteristic for the Getreidegasse are their Durchhäuser. These are houses with public passage to allow access to other houses that can’t be accessed via other ways. They offer charming insights into the historic courtyards. With their Columns, vaults, capitals, marble balustrades, and coats of arms they create an unmistakable atmosphere. The Getreidegasse, which is often connected to its neighboring streets and squares, has a decisive influence on the town planning characteristics of Salzburg.

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