hagenbach gorge klosterneuburg st. andrä wördern

Hagenbach gorge near St. Andrä – Wördern

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Over a lenght of 1.3 kilometers the Hagenbach gorge in St. Andrä-Wördern leads comfortably through the northern part of the Vienna Woods. Starting point for the walk through the gorge is the village of St. Andrä-Wördern near Klosterneuburg. In the middle of the Eichenhain nature park, the gorge invites you to a relaxed walk along the sometimes Hagenbach. The entrance to the gorge is exactly at a curve of the B14, in which there are also a few parking spaces. Alternatively you can look for a parking place in St. Andrä-Wördern. From there, a path leads to the entrance of the gorge in about 15 minutes.

The base of the gorge consists of soft sandstone. Because of the softness of the rock there are only a few permanent rock cliffs in the gorge. Therefore, most of the gorge is bordered by steep, overgrown slopes. In some places, namely where the sandstone is a little harder, you can also observe sandstone cliffs.

The well-developed path leads over or next to the Hagenbach over bridges and footbridges. On hot days you can cool your feet in the creek which is easily accessible in many places. Breath in deeply the soothing forest air and listen to the sound of the Hagenbach. In the shallow water of the Hagenbach you can watch children building dams.At the end of the gorge you reach a forest road that leads on to Unterkirchbach. If you follow this path, you will soon reach the bird of prey breeding center where around 300 birds of prey can be seen at the weekends. 

The Hagenbach gorge is the ideal place for a leisurely and pleasant walk. Anyone expecting a challenging hike here will be disappointed. However, this is a perfect destination for children. Close to the upper entrance you will also find several inns or restaurants. 

For additional information check here (German). 

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