Hall of Fame and Bavaria Munich at day

Hall of Fame and Bavaria Park Munich

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As one of Munich’s landmarks, the Hall of Fame and Bavaria Munich are a popular photo opportunity and a meeting place for tourists and residents of of the city.

The Bronze Lady

The Bavaria statue adorns postcards and souvenirs and is a popular photo opportunity for tourists. But she is also the symbol and secular patroness of the Free State – in short, the face of Bavaria. She was an inspiration to artists and many made a monument to her in her art with pictures and figures. However, none of these depictions is as well known as the huge statue on the Theresienwiese. It was designed between 1843 and 1850 by the Munich artist Ludwig Schwanthaler on behalf of Ludwig I and cast from bronze – a technical masterpiece. And it’s huge! From top to toe it is 18 meters tall.

The Hall of Fame

Behind the Bavaria stands the colossal building of the Hall of Fame. A walk through the wide corridors resembles a trip into Bavarian history, as the three-winged portico houses busts of important Bavarians from the last centuries – among them the stone heads of the writer Ludwig Thoma, the composer Carl Orff, the painter Albrecht Dürer or the brewer Joseph Pschorr. In 1853, the wing was designed by the erstwhile star architect Leo von Klenze, commissioned by Ludwig I. The building commemorates the merit and fame of Bavaria.

The Bavariapark

The Bavariapark in the Schwanthalerhöhe is still an insider tip for some – for others one of the most beautiful district parks in Munich. It is located directly behind the Hall of Fame and Bavaria Munich. The park is a quiet spot for quarter residents and visitors. The Bavariapark is a particularly great place to visit in autumn. Because few people frequent the Bavariapark even on the weekend, it is the perfect place for a nice rest. 

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