Castle Ruin Hinterhaus near Spitz an der Donau

Hinterhaus Castle Ruin near Spitz an der Donau

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The impressive Hinterhaus castle ruin is located on top of a small hill right next to the picturesque wine-village Spitz an der Donau. Built in 1243 the stronghold is very well preserved. The local government takes a lot of care to guarantee the safety of visitors. You can access the castle for free. The stronghold is quite large and you can explore many parts. Apart from the castle’s mighty walls and dungeons visitors can also climb the keep. Be careful not to slip as a part of the stairs lies in the open. From the very top of the tower you can enjoy an amazing view of the Danube river, Spitz an der Donau and the beautiful Wachau valley.

Easy Access to Hinterhaus Castle Ruin

A stroller-friendly path through the forrest leads up to the stronghold. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes of walking to reach the Hinterhaus castle ruin. At the foot of the hill there is also a nice play ground for children. Next to it is a musem dedicated to the village of Spitz. Here you will learn about the local wine production. From the museum it’s a 10 minutes walk to the center of the village where you can find plenty of restaurants and shops. Make sure to stop by one of the many wineries in town. They offer cheap food and excellent white wines.

Creepy Legend of a Ghost

According to a local legend the ghost of Adelheit van Feldberg resides in the castle. Adelheit died about 600 years ago and is said to hold a grudge against her husband. That’s because he didn’t mourn her death for one whole year, even though tradition demanded it at these times. Thus, at certain nights woman in a white dress can be seen wandering through the ruins crying “Not a whole year, not a whole year!”

Further information about Hinterhaus stronghold (German)

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