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Hohenwang Castle in Styria

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The impressive remains of Hohenwang Castle lie on the narrow, long ridge of a foothill about 100 m above the market town of Langenwang. Built in the 12th century, the stronhold served as a local administrative center and as a means for the protection of the population in times of crisis. Furthermore, it housed a court and was a local base for the spread of Christianity in the area. From the 13th century, a priest resided at the castle.

Due to its exceptional length, the facility was one of the largest castles in Styria. The steep rocky slopes on three sides offered a natural protection. The fourth side was secured by an artificially recessed trench that could only be crossed via a drawbridge. Hohenwang castle was used until the 16th century. It was damaged badly after a severe earthquake and abandoned. The last known inhabitant is said to have been a recluse, whose task was to warn the population of impending storms by ringing the bell in the chapel tower. Ironically, he is said to have been struck by lightning in 1774 and killed.

Hike and Explore

You can visit the remains of this fortress for free. Some of the impressive walls are still intact as well as parts of some of the castle’s buildings. The ruins are well maintained so it is safe to explore them. To get there exit the motorway at Langenwang. Find the parish church in the center of the market town. From there follow the “Hochschloßstraße” to its end. Park your car somewhere at the Waldrandsiedlung, as driving up to the castle is forbidden. From the Waldrandsiedlung a marked trail leads first across a meadow and continues as a forest road. After the crossroads you reach another forest road. The last part is a steep trail that leads to the ruins. The overall walking time from Waldrandsiedlung  is about 20 minutes. 

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