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Visit Free Exhibitions in the House of Science in Graz

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The House of Science in Graz offers free science-exhibitions for all age groups. The exhibitions are interactive and easy to understand. As part of the University of Graz, the House of Science is Austria’s only audiovisual museum. It displays unique multi-media exhibitions that focus on current and historical scientific research.

Interactive and playful

Science is made tangible in a playful way for all ages. In different rooms and 30 walk-in stations there is much to discover and to experience:

– virtual journeys through the human body with MRI and animations in VR
– a medical doll that gives information about organs
– a simple experiment to isolate human DNA
– a flight through the human brain
– a small robot that is controlled via human movement

Visitors learn about different aspects through video and sound installations. The extensive multi-media offering of the exhibitions also includes numerous interactive stations that allow visitors to actively participate.

How to get to the House of Science in Graz

Take bus lines 31 or 39 to Beethovenstraße. The House of Science is right next to the bus stop.


Elisabethstrasse 27
8010 Graz

For more information, please visit here.



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