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Is Oktoberfest Free? Things You Need to Know

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Is Oktoberfest free? Yes, entrance is free of charge. However, here is a list of other things you should know about Munich’s largest beer festival.

1. When should I be at the festival site at latest? 

That depends on whether you are heading for the Oktoberfest in Munich on good luck or have a reservation in a tent. If you arrive on regular working day around 12 o’clock, you will be surprised how comfortable it is. Mostly you can still find a good place in one of the big tents. But it is even better to sit outside in one of the beer gardens in good weather.

2. How is it on the weekend?

It’s goint to be full. The tents open at 9 am, an hour earlier than during the week, and are often closed at eleven due to overcrowding for additional visitors. During the week it is more relaxed. The best way to get there is by subway, directly at the station Theresienwiese or at the stops Hackerbrücke and Hauptbahnhof, from where you walk a bit, but it is a bit emptier.

3. What should visitors to the Oktoberfest in Munich always have with them?

You wanted to know “Is Oktoberfest free?” It is. But let’s be honest, there’s no way you could visit such an event without having to pay anything! To make it simple: Bring enough cash! Because if you want to enjoy the great beer and delicious food you will need money.

4. Which beer tent is the best?

The people of Munich distinguish between “good” and “bad” among the 14 large tents at the Oktoberfest. The big tents have it all and a mood prevails everywhere. The locals are particularelty fond of the Augustiner Fethalle and the Armbrustschützen-Festhalle. They are cozy during the day and without too much rumpus. In other tents there is more of an all-day party mood. 

5. What should I wear?

There’s no need to dress in Bavarian. Leather trousers and dirndls are not essential. But that does not mean that you should not dress properly. Some Oktoberfest-specific accessory is appropriate – maybe a scarf or a rustic jacket? Meanwhile, at the Oktoberfest, you can also see outfits that are more reminiscent of carnival – you should not take that as a model.

6. Apart from the beer tents with their festive atmosphere, are there any other places worth seing?

Definitely worth seeing is the historical Crinoline. The swinging carousel with small brass band is one of the oldest and most original rides. Another must is a visit to the Theater Schichtl, where since 1869 several times a day people from the public have been “beheaded” by a guillotine. If you like it wild, you’ll love the free-fall Tower or the Olympia Looping, the world’s largest portable roller coaster.

7. Any secret tips for a snack?

The crispy duck at Heimer is fantastic. Or the roasted chicken from Ammer. If you want to eat in peace, go to the Haxenbraterei. There is no brass music during the day. At lunchtime you will also get your money’s worth at the Käfer-Schänke. The menu is excellent and compared to the evening rates extremely cheap.

8. A place to breathe when the hustle and bustle is too much

The original Glöckle-Wirt with its marquee is a real good spot. Here, a mini-chapel provides the atmosphere. If you want a more relaxed and yet traditional experience, you should head for the “Oide Wiesn”. 

9. When is the best time to leave?

You should be on your way back to the hotel quite some time before the tents close at 11.30 pm. If you leave in time, you still have the chance to catch a taxi or ride the subway without stress. 

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