Kammerstein Castle Ruin

Kammerstein Castle Ruin – Only For Experienced Adventurers

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Kammerstein castle ruin is one of two castles in the Styrian market town of Kammern in Liesingtal. Today, the castle ruin is a popular excursion point and easily accessible from the town’s center. The castle was built in the second half of the 13th century on the remains of a fortified complex from earlier times. The stronghold’s master builders were very skilled, as they were able to use the little available space well for the castle complex. Despite the small size, the entire castle appears relatively spacious. As rocks rise on all four sides, an auxiliary wall was built on the north side for access.

Risky entry to Kammerstein Castle Ruin

To enter the castle follow a narrow path from the forecourt to the four-storey gate. Enter the castle at your own risk, because you have to walk the path that is at the side of a steep mountain. Beware, as this part of the path is only 20 cm wide and there are no rails to protect you from falling down several meters! The entrance is only visible once you follow that path and make a turn. It’s a very exciting adventure but also dangerous! 

After this you can enter the castle through three gates which lead you to a steep and narrow courtyard. The keep, the last refuge of a castle, was hardly habitable with an inside dimension of 2 x 4 meters (smallest keep in Austria). There had to be room for a staircase or at least for a ladder in this room. The castle is likely to have been ruined at the beginning of the 16th century.

The castle ruins can be explored all year round. However, good shoes are recommended. In snowy conditions and rain, it is not advised to enter the castle’s remains.

More information can be found here (in German).

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