Kronsegg castle is located close to Langenlois

Kronsegg Castle Ruin Combines Wine and History

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Kronsegg castle ruin is huge and very impressive. You can explore it for free. Climb the two main towers to have a wonderful view of the surrounding area. You can also check out the former living quarters, a chapel, the stables and other parts. The fortress lies between gentle hills. A lot of forrest surrounds the stronghold. To reach the castle you follow a small road and then a path for 5 to 10 minutes. The stronghold is easy to find because the keep is very visible from all directions.

The fortress was mentioned first around the year 1250 and belonged to various rulers. During the Thirty Year’s War it was heavily damaged in 1690. The township of Langenlois bought the castle in 1928 and restored in the 1990s. Today, the local government takes great care of the remains and conducts checks regularely. It is absolutely safe to explore the castle’s dungeons and discover its hidden places and secrets. You can visit the place from Easter to the end of October. In the courtyard there is a table with a bench which invites visitors to have a picknick.

Kronsegg Castle Ruin is located in a wine growing area

The Kronsegg castle ruin is part of the small Schiltern municipality. It is not far from the town of Langenlois, a center of wine production in Lower Austria. Langenlois has a nice medieval town center and is very famous for its excellent white wines like Riesling or Grüner Veltliner. After your visit to the castle ruin you should make sure to visit one of the plenty of wineries in the area. They usually open around midday or in the early afternoon. They offer great cold food and wine for a very low budget, thus making for a very memorable trip.

Further information about the castle (German).

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