3 options how to get to lake neusiedl from vienna

Make a Trip to Lake Neusiedl From Vienna

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There are 3 ways how you can get to lake Neusiedl from Vienna: by car, train or bicycle. The best mode of transport depends on your budget, how much time you have available, and the weather. But no matter what option you choose, Austria’s largest lake in the state of Burgenland is a wonderful destination you shouldn’t miss!

Your 3 options to get to lake Neusiedl from Vienna 

1. Go there by car:
Depending on from where exactly you leave, it will take you 45-55 minutes to get to lake Neusiedl from Vienna by car. As with most big cities, traffic in Vienna can be pretty bad at times. Especially during rush hours in the morning and afternoon. On the plus side, once you are out of the city it’s easy cruising until you arrive. 

2. Take the train:
Take the commuter train from Vienna Hauptbahnhof to Neusiedl am See train station. By train the journey will last about 40-45 minutes. Going by train is definitely the most relaxed option of the three. The trains run on time and they are clean and safe. Also, you will avoid all the stress that comes from driving a car in a foreign country. However, there is one thing that you must consider when taking the train: The train station in Neusiedl am See is located quite a bit away from the lake. Of course you can walk to the last part will take you about 50-55 minutes. That’s why you should consider taking a taxi or bus to cover those last 4 kilometers.

3. Ride a bicycle

Riding a bicycle from Vienna to lake Neusiedl is the most beautiful way of making this trip. Depending on the exact route it will take you 2.5 to 3 hours to cover the distance. If you choose to follow the cycling path along the Danube you can enjoy one most scenic cycling routes in Europe. From the Danube your way will lead you through between fields, meadows and small villages. Once you arrive at the lake you can continue to follow the lake Neusiedl Cycling Path. It is one of the most beautiful and varied cycling routes in Austria. Because of its flatness and good infrastructure, it is very family-friendly.

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