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Lake Wolfgang in Salzburg is Magnificent

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Lake Wolfgang in Salzburg exerts a magical power of attraction since many hundreds of years which you shouldn’t miss! It is the largest and most well known lake in the Salzkammergut of Austria and has much to offer, especially for families.

The Lake offers free beaches and you definitely should use the opportunity for a swim in the crystal clear water. The lake feeds from the numerous creeks that are running down the surrounding mountains. Due to its high water quality Lake Wolfgang in Salzburg was named a reference water body by the European Union. It’s home to the Perlfish, a native species of carp that can only be found in the clean mountain lakes of the Salzkammergut.

Check out the wonderful natural beach Abersee and the Strandbad St. Gilgen for a refreshing swim:

Strandbad St. Gilgen:
Mondseer Straße 12
5340 St. Gilgen

Naturbadestrand Abersee:
Mozartplatz 1
5340 St. Gilgen

Lake Wolfgang in Salzburg is a Hikers Paradise

The lake is also a popular destination for hikers from all over the world. A 27 km long hiking trail leads around the lake and connects the main towns of St. Gilgen, Strobl, and St. Wolfgang. If you want to enjoy a better view you can also climb one of the surrounding mountain peaks. The Zwölferhorn in St. Gilgen is a perfect destination all year round. Even older visitors or families with a stroller can easily hike here. A climb to the top is worth the effort. The view is uniquely beautiful and breathtaking.

From the top you will also be able to spot tiny butcher’s island which is the only island in Lake Wolfgang. According to a legend, a butcher once drove an ox to the slaughterhouse on the western shore of the lake. The animal shied away and jumped into the lake. The butcher did not want to lose the ox and stuck to his tail. The ox swam eastward for an hour, with the butcher in tow, who fought mortal fears as a non-swimmer. The animal finally pulled the man to the small island, which has since been called Butcher’s Island.

Meadows and Amazing Views

From Strobl you can hike to the Postalm which is the largest contiguous alpine area in Austria. It is easily accessible and the perfect spot if you want to hike for hours through pristine nature or conquer many summits. The innumerable huts offer summer and winter delicacies of local farmers. One of the most striking mountains of the Salzkammergut is the Schafberg. Almost 120 years ago a cog railway was built on the 1783 m high mountain. This train still leaves St. Wolfgang today and is popular with guests and locals alike. Of course, the Schafberg is also within walking distance.

Once at the top you should take your time to enjoy this unique view. No less than 7 lakes can be discovered from up here and the view stretches from the Bohemian Forest in the north to the Alps in the south. The northernmost glacier in the Alps, the Dachstein lies directly in front of the beholder.

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