Landhaus Courtyard in Graz

Landhaus Courtyard in Graz is a Masterpiece

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The Landhaus Courtyard in Graz is another must-see in the very heart of Austria’s second largest city. The impressive building from the 16th century is the most important early Renaissance building in Styria. It is so special because of the combination of several architectural styles by numerous architects. Nevertheless, the building has retained a certain uniformity, since all additions were very carefully integrated into the existing structure.

The Landhaus Courtyard in Graz has Italian flair

Because of its central location in the Herrengasse the courtyard is perfectly suited for a short visit. With its lovely arches, tiers, and stonework, the Renaissance style three-storey arcade courtyard is truly magnificent and has a wonderful atmosphere which reminds visitors of a Venetian palazzo. In the yard there is a well. On the pitched roofs there are chimneys and a copper-clad roof rider, which holds a lantern in its hands. The corridors are open to the public and make for some great photo opportunities. Make sure to take a picture of the big wooden doors with the Styrian coat of arms – a panther – on them!

Every year in December the courtyard is home to a famous ice nativity scene. Ice sculptures and light create a magical atmosphere fitting the time of Advent. In addition, you can sometimes listen to free performances of small groups singing Christmas songs.

Heavy Metal in the Armoury

Right next to the Landhaus Courtyard in Graz you will find the Styrian Armoury. It is the world’s largest medieval arsenal and houses more than 30.000 weapons, suits and tools. It’s quite a collection because they were kept ready to arm a whole army. However they were never used and thus are all in pristine condition.

For more information, please visit the Graz tourism website.

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