Landhaus in Klagenfurt

Landhaus Klagenfurt is a Jewel from 16th Century

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The Landhaus in Klagenfurt is located right in the heart of the city, surrounded by the most important and prominent attractions in Carinthia’s capital. It is one of the most representative secular buildings in the city. Built between 1574 and 1594 in place of a castle, the monumental building has a horseshoe-shaped floor plan. The Landhaus in Klagenfurt fulfilled various purposes: It was primarily the meeting place of committees. The local court undertook interrogations here. It was also a representative location for hosting ceremonies.  

Great architecture and a Mysterious Stepping Stone

The inner courtyard is one of the most beautifully preserved Renaissance facades in Austria. A special showpiece is the Great Hall of Arms. On its walls and ceiling there are paintings of 665 coats of arms of the Carinthian estates. In the middle of the courtyard is a big stone that astonishes many visitors. Many puzzle about its purpose. It was used as a stepping stone for riders so they could mount their horse more easily. In the Landhaus in Klagenfurt there is also a restaurant. The ambiance is very cozy and the  portions are big.

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