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Marienwarte in Wels – Observation Tower

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The Marienwarte in Wels is a 23 meter high observation tower that offers a magnificent view of the city of Wels, the Alps, and the Mühlviertel. The observation tower was built in 1892. The five-storey round tower features the historicizing style of a romantic park castle. It has an entrance building, which was designed as a single-storey pavilion.

Romans and Catfish

The Marienwarte in Wels is located on the Reinberg. It was already used by the Romans as an observation station. In 370 AD, Emperor Valentinianus erected a fort in the area. It protected the town of Ovilava (Latin for catfish) which later became the city of Wels (German for catfish). 

Visit by the Emperor

The Marienwarte was built on the initiative of the beautification association of Wels. The 22.8 m high tower was placed on a 1 m thick concrete slab. After construction of a material ropeway and a water pipe, the tower could be completed quickly. In gratitude to the person who gifted the land for the building, the observation tower was named after his wife. The Marienwarte opened in 1892. Apparently, this was an attraction, because among the visitors were also Empress Elisabeth and Emperor Franz Josef. During the First World War, a pilot squadron was temporarily set up on the Marienwarte in Wels.

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