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Mauthner Klamm – Romantic and Adventurous Gorge

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The Mauthner Klamm or Mauthner gorge is one of the most beautiful gorges in Carinthia with its up to 200 meters high cliffs. Visitors can experience numerous suspension bridges, tunnels cut into the rock and impressive ascents. At the turn of the century, the Mauthner Klamm was climbed for the first time. 

The Mauthner gorge consists of two parts. The first and front part is about 1.5 km long, and is more like a walk than a hike. Here you can enjoy the turquoise, clear waters of the creek running through the gorge. The sunlight is painting the cliffs in various colors – sometimes bright green, sometimes deep blue, sometimes golden. In some parts, the narrowly converging rock walls shut out the daylight. The mysterious echoing of the rippling water will show you the right way. 

The adventurous “Klabautersteig” lies in the back of the gorge. The approximately 2.6 km long route is developed as a via ferrata. This part of the gorge is a sensation for adventurous families. The path does not only lead through the rock, but also goes across the stream beds. However, visitors of the Mauthner Klamm should not be afraid of water, because the path leads partly through knee-deep water. For children but also for adults, the Klabautersteig is a huge adventure and also a lot of fun. If you go up the entire gorge, you come out at the Gasthof Ederwirt. Here you can enjoy a well deserved drink or meal.

Bring a pair of trekking sandals to Mauthner Klamm

The starting point for the Mauthner Klamm is the natural swimming pool Waldbad Mauthen. Walking through the gorge from end to end will take 4-5 hours. It his highly recommended that you bring a pair of trekking sandals with good profile sole with you. Like this you can cross the streams in the Mauthner gorge without completely soaking your hiking boots. 

Here is more information (in German).


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