Mur island Graz by Vito Acconci

Visit the Artificial Mur Island in Graz

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The artificial Mur Island in Graz developed into one of the city’s tourist hotspots. The island made of glass and steel was designed by the New Yorker artist Vito Acconci. The island was built in 2003 on the occasion of Graz becoming the European Capital of Culture of that year. Due to its central location, the “Murinsel” is virtually the navel of the city. The 47 m long steel structure in the form of a half-open shell links the left and right banks of the Mur river that separates the city in two halves. The open part of the Mur Island in Graz is often used for performances but also as a resting place for families. In summer the island features a free entry open air cinema.

Take memorable pictures on the Mur island in Graz

In the interior of the island there is a café. It sells good hot dishes, regional beers and a variety of delicacies from the region. There is also a new design shop, which presents and sells the products of local artists. Between the café and the arena, a three-dimensional labyrinth of ropes invites the young one to an island adventure. The slide in combination with the climbing garden makes the playing experience perfect for children. Visiting the artificial island for taking some pictures is a must! At night, the platform is beautifully illuminated. Frome the island you can an enjoy interesting views of the city of Graz.

The Murinsel can be reached by public transport via the GVB lines 1,3,4,5,6 and 7. The best way to reach it is via the GVB stop “Schlossbergplatz” on the lines 4 and 5.

For more information please have a look at the island’s website

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