Nature Adventure Trail Lutzmannsburg

Play and Relax at the Nature Adventure Trail in Lutzmannsburg

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The nature adventure trail in Lutzmannsburg is a tourism highlight for families with children and other visitors to Lutzmannsburg. On 6.5 km of circular path, it invites children to play and experience different aspects of nature at 12 experience stations. For adults it’s a beautiful way to relax and enjoy nature. For this purpose, the former Mühlbach was integrated into the existing network of footpaths and cycle paths. At a length of 2.5 km it runs close to the Austrian-Hungarian border. Once it had great economic importance, after all, the water served to power four loden mills.

6.5 km of Water, Games and Fun 

The nature adventure trail in Lutzmannsburg officially starts at two entry points: the Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg or in the town center. The route offers a lot of variety and leads to some newly created well accessible and barrier-free gravel and asphalt paths both along the Mühlbach and along the Rabnitz, as well as through the open cultural landscape with fields and meadows. At all entry points, there is an overview table which, in addition to the information on the nature adventure trail, also shows the various ways to get there.

Depending on interest, time or physical condition you can be on the road for different lengths of time. For better orientation, squares and stations as well as all the boards and information signs were designed in a uniform appearance. This is based on three central themes: water (invigorating / blue), sun (experience / yellow) and wine (enjoy / red). These are also the three pillars that characterize the local people and the culture in Lutzmannsburg. 

The Stations at a Glance

Water stations

The topic “Water” is in the focus of six stations with direct access to the water in the immediate vicinity of the Mühlbach and the Rabnitz. Visitors will learn interesting facts about the brook landscape and alluvial forest, aquatic ecology, vegetation as well as animals in and around the stream.

Children can let off steam on the natural play areas with sandbanks, tree trunks and stones. From one bank to the other you can get over bridges of untreated larch wood. If you dare you can also use a swinging rope device. On large stepping stones in the water, which connect the brook banks, one can test his skill and his balance.

Sun stations

Four stations with the theme “sun” offer the opportunity to linger and marvel. Sitting or lying on the wooden decks, one can listen to the voices of nature and enjoy the landscape in peace and quiet. A special attraction is the playground with slide, mound and swing. The pole scrub promotes physical dexterity, body and space perception. Depending on their own abilities, climbers can stay high or close to the ground.

Cultural landscape / Wine stations

These stations provide information about the regional cultural landscape, the landscape elements and their origin, the surrounding flora and fauna, as well as agriculture, agricultural products and regional suppliers. Walking along the avenue of wine stalls, where wines typical of the region grow, you will hike to the picnic area. Here you can enjoy the area with all your senses try out different farm products, juices and wine. You can buy them directly at the local producers.

You can take a walk on the nature adventure trail in Lutzmannsburg in every season of the year. The trial is easy to walk for small children as well as senior people.

More information can be fund here (in German).

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