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New Garden in Potsdam With Marble Palace

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The New Garden in Potsdam is home to fascinating buildings and garden design elements. Apart from many trails for walking you can also find an inn here. The “Meierei in the New Garden” has its own brewery and you should stop here and try their excellent beer! A beautiful path leads to the Glienicker Bridge. From here a bus connects to the S-Bahn station Wannsee. 

Visit the Marble Palace

There are some architectural gems to admire in the New Garden in Potsdam: the Orangerie, the Dutch establishments, the Schindelhaus and the Gothic Library. There even exists a small pyramid in this park. But the park’s highlight is the Marble Palace. This impressive building is idyllically situated on the shores of the Heiligen See (literally “Holy Lake”). This former Prussian royal palace is almost completely renovated. The artful arches in each room are differently designed. In 1786, Frederick William II commissioned the New Garden and the Marmorpalais, whose interior construction was delayed until 1845. The design of the park was first entrusted to Johann August Eyserbeck and from 1815 to Peter Joseph LennĂ©. The architectural planning of the palace was initially taken over from 1787 by Carl von Gontards and later by Carl Gotthard Langhans.

It is the unusual interplay of unfinished brick and fine marble, which give the building its special look.  The interior design of the castle was entrusted to an architect who is world famous as the creator of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, C.G. Langhans. The Marble Palace was used repeatedly after the death of Frederick William II as a residence for members of the House of Hohenzollern. The original character of the interior has been preserved to this day.

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 Brandenburg has many more attractions that you can visit free of charge!

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