Old Botanical Garden Munich Neptune Fountain

Old Botanical Garden Munich

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The Old Botanical Garden Munich is located in the center of the Bavarian state capital. As the name implies, the area was formerly the Botanical Garden of Munich until 1914, the New Botanical Garden was created in Nymphenburg.

Relax and Watch Rabbits

It is not a very big park but it’s still enough to spend some nice hours there and relax. In the park you will find many benches, especially around the Neptune Fountain overlooking the Palace of Justice. If you suddenly feel hungry or like having a beer you should check out the Park Café. You can also take a nap on the meadows or watch the local wildlife. There area lot of small hare in the park. 

The park was originally conceived, built and used for an industrial exhibition in the early 19th century. A neo-classical entrance portal was built. The glass palace for the industrial exhibition fell victim to a major fire. After its transformation in a park in the early 20th century, the park became home to the Neptune fountain in the middle of the complex. In addition, a small building was built, which served the sculptor Josef Thorak as a studio. It was destroyed during the Second World War and later rebuilt. It is now used for exhibitions. Until this day, the original function of the Old Botanical Garden is still reminiscent in the form of many exotic trees.

Here is more information about the garden.

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