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Old Town Hall Linz – A Knight, a Pope, and Hitler

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The Old Town Hall Linz is the former town hall of Linz in the district of Innere Stadt. It is located on the main square near Rathausgasse. It is the seat of the city’s mayor, the local council and other institutions. The town hall was built after a great fire around 1509. In 1512 a Spanish knight from the entourage of the Archduke Ferdinand announced his plans for a tournament in the new town hall. In the 16th century, the building housed the fire brigade’s equipment. From here ladders and buckets had to be fetched for all four districts. In 1573 the deputies of the sovereign cities decided to keep their archive in the town hall. Pope Pius VI stayed here in 1782 when travelling from Vienna to Rome. In 1809 the neighboring house was acquired and incorporated into the town hall. 

Old Town Hall Linz has a beautiful baroque facade

Part of the building is an eight-sided tower with an astronomical clock. Today’s baroque facade was created around 1675. It features several protruding half-pillars. Above the balcony, two angel figures hold the city coat of arms of Linz. The balcony above the main portal has made history: Here Adolf Hitler proclaimed on 12 March 1938 the annexation of Austria into the German Reich. The Old Town Hall has several courtyards with beautiful arcades, which are worth seeing and in a back house you can visit an exhibition about the history of the city (Genesis Museum).


Hauptplatz 1 
4020 Linz, Österreich 

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