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Spend a Great Day at Pajstun Castle

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When staying in Bratislava, going to Pajstun Castle is almost a compulsory trip. The view is amazing and if the weather is good, you can even see the Austrian Alps. The first mention of the castle dates back to 1273. In the past, the castle guarded the border to Hungary. Napoleonic soldiers laid waste to it in 1810. Apart from being an interesting spot for tourists, the area around Pajstun Castle is also popular among climbers. You will find almost 100 routes of varying difficulty. 

How to get to Pajstun Castle

The ruins of the  Castle tower majestically above the village of Borinka. The ruin of the castle is well visible from the motorway to Brno. It is noticeably taller than the surrounding lowland. From the village you will reach the castle ruins in between half an hour to one hour of walking – depending on your speed. Just follow the red marks from the church in the center of the village. If you come by car, this is also a good place to park it. There is also a bus stop nearby. Busses run approximately every hour. During the weekend and during the holidays, they go sporadically.

Easy Walk

The hill is 486 m high but the route following the red markers is not very demanding. However, expect a bigger elevation, especially in the last part, before entering the castle. On the way Pajstun castle, you will also find a gazebo where you can rest. There is also a tavern right at the beginning of the route. The roads leading to the castle are all hidden in the woods. While walking, you will see the castle only at the very end of the route. The first to welcome you is the distinctive limestone that the castle is built on. Its walls are about 25 meters high, and are used to this day by local climbers.

Most parts of Pajštun Castle are well passable. The place is very popular for picnicking. Beware, however, of foxes. Sometimes they steal food! The views from the top are beautiful especially to the west. Under suitable conditions, you can see the Schneeberg hill in Austria. In other directions, especially towards the east, there is a nice view of the endless Carpathian forests.

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