Rauhenstein castle in Baden

The cursed Rauhenstein Castle Ruin in Baden

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The Rauhenstein castle ruin actually consists of two seperate ruins – Rauhenstein and Rauheneck. Climb the 20 meter high keep to enjoy a fantastic view! The castles are located in the outskirts of the city of Baden. They lie on two hills opposite from each other. Rauhenstein castle is the bigger of the two. Both castle ruins are very well maintained. As the strongholds are quite large there is a lot for you to explore and see. Access is free so make sure to check them out!

Rauhenstein Castle Ruin was a home to robber barons

The castle’s location is very nice. Built in the 11th century on top of a steep rock slope it can be seen from the main street in Baden. Robber barons used to live in the stronghold. They undertook raids in the surrounding lands and imposed unauthorized tolls on travellers. For this reason the castle was attacked and destroyed for several times. The keep is the castle’s oldest part. At the base its walls are 3 meters wide. 

Gruesome legend and a curse

Rauhenstein castle is the scene of a gruesome legend about knight Wolf von Rauhenstein. When the sons of a local bell-founder are caught poaching, the knight wants to execute them. After negotiations he forces their father, who is an artisan bell-founder, to make a bell to save the life of one son. The bell should be rung when the other son is executed. With this he drives the bell-founder into madness, who curses him. The death knell becomes a death-bringing memorial for the Rauhensteiner family and ultimately forces them to abandon their ancestral castle.

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