Rettenbach gorge in Graz Rettenbachklamm

Take a Hike Through Rettenbach Gorge

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The Rettenbach gorge in Graz is a nice destination for recreation seekers and hikers. A special feature is the unique naturalness of the Rettenbachklamm with its small waterfalls. The “Rettenbachklamm” is a popular destination because of its easy accessibility. Here you can hear no street noise, only the chirping of birds and the splashing of the stream. Part of the Rettenbach gorge lies within a landscape conservation area in the east of Graz. On the steep slopes the creek has formed a species-rich canyon below the gorge, which is dominated by large hornbeam beech and red beech. Upstream, the terrain becomes flatter and the forest turns into coniferous and deciduous forest stands.

In summer it is pleasantly cool. Due to the special climatic conditions in the gorge with cool summer and relatively mild winter temperatures, various ferns and mosses are very common. Species benefit from tributaries with rock erosion, overhanging rocks, deadwood, and clumps of foliage. So the fire salamander is found all over the stream. Although a hike in the Rettenbach gorge requires sturdy shoes and in some places sure-footedness and fitness, the gorge is easy to walk through in about half an hour. Depending on the season and the weather, the gorge carries more, sometimes less water. Especially in the summer months here the creek gently ripples down the gorge towards Mariatrost.

How to get to Rettenbach Gorge

Hikers reach the Rettenbachklamm comfortably and environmentally friendly by public transport. By tram it is from the station Waldhof about 15 to 20 minutes walk to the entrance to the gorge.

More information about the Rettenbach gorge is available here (German).

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