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Rheinsberg Palace Gardens in Brandenburg

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The Rheinsberg Palace Gardens invite you to stroll, enjoy and dream. The visit is suitable for all ages, as there is always something to discover in the extensive area. The Schlosspark Rheinsberg is a composition of spacious lawns, statues, colorful floral arrangements and sand-colored paths framed by hedges. After walking through the park along the lakeshore, you will reach the opposite bank. Look for the Obelisk. From its location you can enjoy the view of the magnificent castle.

The Prince’s Pleasure Garden

In the Middle Ages, there used to be a moated castle where Rheinsberg Castle is today. The property came into possession of  the Bredow family in the 15th century. They rebuilt the castle in its current Renaissance form in 1566. Located on the eastern shore of Lake Grienerick, the castle is a prime example of the so-called “Friderican Rococo” (French Baroque architecture) and also served as a model for Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam. Frederick the Great spent his happiest days as Crown Prince in Rheinsberg. It was also him who built the Rheinsberg Palace Gardens. After the accession to the throne, his brother Prince Henry of Prussia took over Rheinsberg Palace and continued expand the Lustgarten – “pleasure garden” – with splendor.

In the Name of Music

 Unfortunately, the Rheinsberg Palace Gardens were heavily destroyed during the Thirty Years War. Extensive restoration work made a restoration of the premises, as they should have looked at the time of Prince Henry, possible. To this day, the tradition of music, opera and theater is maintained in Rheinsberg by the Musikakademie and Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg. Picturesquely situated on the Grienericksee and surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscape gardens in Germany, Rheinsberg is one of the most attractive destinations in Brandenburg.

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