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Go to Riemer Park Munich For a Swim or a Walk

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The Riemer Park in Munich is a former airfield that became a popular recreational area for visitors and recieved the German Landscape Architecture Award. Landscape architect Gilles Vexlard designed the 201-hectare park betwen 1997 and 2005.  It is one of Munich largest parks and attracts walkers, sunbathers and swimmers. Lake Riemer is part of the recreational area. It has clean water, offers a pebble beach, a sunbathing area and a beach volleyball court. There is also a kiosk. The park also has two hills with good views. In winter it’s a perfect spot for sledding.

Riemer Park Munich is designed for keeping the air fresh

Long, straight lines and strictly geometric surfaces characterize the image of the Riemer Park Munich. Straight-sided slopes and grid-like groves planted on up to 3 meters high meadows leave no doubt for visitors that this is highly artificial landscape. At every corner of the park children will find a place to play. There even is a skater park which is ideal for scootering, cycling and running. It offers something for every skill level. Because of its very “linear” design you can come here and walk for miles on gravel, tar and stone paths. There are many lonely paths and paths across the park.

The park fulfills an important function as a fresh air corridor for the people living and working in the city. Both the woody strips and the open areas run from southwest to northeast – in the current of the main wind direction. This promotes the exchange of air. 

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