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Sanssouci Park in Potsdam is an Insider Tip

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Flowering beds, English landscaped gardens and baroque monuments – there is plenty to see in the Sanssouci Park in Potsdam. The baroque splendor of Sanssouci Palace and Park offers a variety of interesting and hidden places that you can visit. The parks around Sanssouci Palace are really beautiful. At every corner you discover gardens, castles or small palaces. Then again you will discover a small statue here or a church there. 

The majority of the nearly 290 hectare area is designed as a so-called landscape park in the English style. That was fashion in the 19th century. Above all, trees in remarkable botanical variety line winding paths. Everything looks “grown wild” – and yet nothing is left to chance. A fake wilderness, cleverly tamed over the centuries by generations of gardeners. Especially around the Chinese house down to the Roman baths, the park impresses with its varied tree population. 

Sanssouci Park in Potsdam is full of surprises

As an international tourist destination of rank, the Sanssouci Park in Potsdam still has something to offer as an “insider tip”. If you are looking for colorful flowers and you want to escape the seasonally increasing flow of tourists, turn south to Charlottenhof Palace. Right next door and as small as playful as the castle is the associated garden. Pergolas, a few benches, strong spring colors – it’s a quiet and romantic place, not only for lovers. Less floriferous, but enchanting is the Marlygarten in the east. It is a former kitchen garden of the soldier king Frederick William I. His son Frederick the Great banished the parsley and had it redesigned after the model of the French castle Marly. 

Insider tips for connoisseurs

In the park’s north there is another spot that deservers your attention. You can climb the Norman tower located there. A very special adventure for children is the so-called model fort in the northwestern part. Visitors can find out about the casemates tailored to children’s size near the Drachenhaustor. There, the Prussian princes playfully learned the craft of war.

“Sanssouci” is French and means “without worries”. In order to make the most out of your visit you should take a few things into consideration. In the park’s center, there are no toilets. The same is true for shops and restaurants.

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