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Visit the Baroque Schleissheim Palace Park

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Schleissheim Palace Park “Hofgarten” is special because it is one of the few gardens of the Baroque period whose design has hardly changed to this day. The large park lies between three castles. The so called Old Palace, the New Palace and Lustheim Palace. Extending between the New Schleissheim Palace and the Lustheim Palace it is adorned with ornamental beds, sculptures and cascades. Numerous wells, small canals and playful architecture make strolling through the park a memorable experience.

The Schleissheim Palace Park is also home to the Schleißheimer distillery, which emerged from the former brewery and produces liquors with fruit from the historic orchards of the palace complex. The distillery sells the bottles of Hofgarten Schnapps in the museum shop in the New Palace. The bottles of schnapps are a popular souvenir with visitors from all over the world. In the park there is also a beer garden where you can enjoy some Bavarian beer or tasty traditional meals.

History of Schleissheim Palace Park

The park’s basic structure with the canals was designed by the Swiss architect Henrico Zuccalli in 1684. Gradually the whole area was completed. Under the reign of Elector Max Emanuel the estate completed its transformation into a pompous residence of absolutism in the early 18th century. He also had the castle Lustheim built on the occasion of his wedding with the Austrian emperor’s daughter Maria Antonia. Plans to enlarge existing palaces with side wings failed of the country’s dire financial situation.  

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