Senftenberg castle near Krems an der Donau

Senftenberg Castle Ruin is a Spot for Great Pictures

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Senftenberg castle ruin is located not far from the city of Krems in Lower Austria. Surrounded by beautiful wine yards it is a popular subject for pictures. It is first mentioned in documents in 1197. At the time of the first siege of Vienna in 1529, the castle was a haven for the local population. In the peasant wars, towards the end of the 16th century, many attempts were made to storm the castle. However, only in 1645, during the Thirty Years’ War, Swedish troops succeeded in conquering the stronghold.

Easily accessible by foot

After the Swedish attack the inhabitants abandoned the structure. In the following centuries the stronghold decayed. Still preserved are three gates, the square keep, a shield wall and a tower. Unfortunately, the owners locked the keep, thus visitors cannot climb it. However, the view from the castle ist still great! Don’t miss the wooden bridge leading to the back entrance of the castle. It spans dramatically across a small gorge – it’s defenitely worth to take some pictures there! From Senftenberg village you can reach the castle by foot in few minutes. The stronhold’s remains are in good shape. It can be accessed all the year. A little below the castle is a small gothic church. Like the stronghold, it is open for the whole year and a good spot to take some pictures!

Enjoy local wine while visiting Senftenberg castle ruin 

Want to make your visit special? Buy a bottle of wine at one of the local wineries and ask if you can borrow some glasses. With this you can enjoy the wonderful view while taking a sip from the excellent Riesling or GrĂ¼nder Veltliner that grows on the surrounding hills! There are some benches and a table in the yard – perfect for a small picknick!

Further and very detailed information about the castle can be found here (German).

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